Hair transplant (hair restoration) includes the medical and surgical treatment of various forms of hair loss.

Is Hair Transplantation a common procedure?
It has been and remains the most common cosmetic procedure for men worldwide for more than 40 years. During this time it has seen remarkable advances in the aesthetic results. Nowadays a graft is a tiny piece of hair bearing skin that is transferred from an area of permanent hair growth to the thinning or bald area. It is analogous to planting seedlings in the garden. On the other hand, the initial ‘punch grafts’ were large and, although they produced great hair density, they lacked finesse in terms of natural appearance. Present day grafts produce the best natural appearance so far achieved.

Is there more than one type of modern Hair Transplantation?
There are two basic methods, each having their advocates. So called ‘follicular’ grafting involves stripping all tissue away from the follicle (hair root) and transferring the follicle itself to the area to be re-haired. These follicles can be ‘planted’ very close together which in theory is a good thing. However, the density of hair they produce is at the other end of the scale to the punch grafts. That is, the density they produce is the least of all transplant procedures. Importantly, this density is finite. That is, it can not be increased, since there is insufficient space between the grafts to place more in order to increase density.

On the other hand ‘minigrafts’, tiny hair –bearing pieces of skin of one, two or three hairs, can produce a greater density since they allow for subsequent fill-ins with the ultimate density being superior to that of follicular grafts.

Where and how is it done?
It is a ‘no-fuss’ procedure done under intravenous sedation and local anaesthesia in rooms/surgery. It is not a ‘hospital’ procedure. Most patients fall asleep at some time during the course of the operation, the length of which varies from 1.5 to 4 hours depending on the size of area to be grafted.

Who should perform the procedure?
As with any surgery, even relatively minor operations such as this, the operator should be well trained in the procedure itself. Also, the greater the experience of the surgeon the more likely you should be able to rely upon his/her judgment of the management of your hair loss.

Is the transplanted hair permanent?
Yes, because the genetic code of permanence is in the hair root. And since the hair roots come from that permanent rim of donor hair at the back and sides of the head, the hair that issues from those roots is permanent.

Hair Transplantation FAQs

How long before the new hair appears?
Hair is slow to grow. The first hairs appear at the skins surface between 8 -12 weeks after the procedure. At 6 months all the hair from the transplants has appeared and it is at this stage that ‘fill ins’ can be transplanted to increase the density.

Are there other important aspects of baldness treatments of which I should be aware?
Minoxidil (‘Regaine’) comes in a lotion form that is claimed to produce hair growth. The facts are ~ It can reduce the rate of hair loss in around 10% of young men with early hair loss. It does not produce cosmetically useful hair growth and is otherwise of no value.

Finasteride is another and expensive topical lotion with claims to produce significant hair growth, I have never known this claim to be substantiated.

The use of laser is yet another so-called treatment for hair loss, for which there is no evidence to support claims of its efficacy. It should be noted that vigorous massaging of the scalp on a regular basis can temporarily increase the blood flow in the scalp. This can produce a ‘last-gasp’ effort by unhealthy follicles to produce a temporary ‘peach-fuzz’ growth of hair.

This is the basis for the extraordinary claims made for the effect of an endless procession of topical applications to the scalp. The fact is that it is simply the massage that has the effect. Note that a number of sportsmen have an apparent increase in hair density which is simply created by a specialised hair-piece.

Why choose The Skin Life Clinic as your provider of hair transplantation?
Dr. Tahir Kamal has been performing hair transplantation for many years and has a eye for detail and producing natural results. Our clinic provides the best environment for the procedure.

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