Everyone has the right to look beautiful, but, if the condition of your hair is poor, you are in loss because the appearance of your hair counts for almost 50 percent of your beauty. But don’t panic because

we have the good news for you!

Several treatment options exist for treatment of poor hair conditions, but Hair Keratin treatment is a very effective choice to repair and enhance damaged hair. This Brazil-originated hair treatment option works by forming a protein coating around the hair colliery, giving you healthy, smooth and shiny hair. It protects your hair by working as a shield around your hair shafts.

Hair Keratin treatment can be a constructive approach to repair any type of hair, but it is particular effective to fix damaged and chemically treated hair because it would engross the protein to give your hair an improved and enhanced appearance. The treatment is also highly effective in stimulating the growth of hair in short time.

Keratin treatment normally takes two hours; however, treatment time is dependent on your hair type. Moreover, post-treatment care is very important in that the better the post-treatment care, the better and longer the results.


Hair Keratin (Part-1)
Hair Keratin (Part-2)