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Skin Facials are never out of fashion

Skin Facials are never out of fashion! Get hold of the best & Powerful brightening Collagen Facial at Dr Tahir Kamal’s aesthetics Lounge!
Here we have a never ending list of beauty treatments to cater to your skin needs!
Step in to get the best non-surgical skin treatments at very low rates and high quality.

A smart you now is possible

In the world of beauty, Nothing is Now Impossible!
Get your body contoured by Cool Sculpting and lose those unwanted inches at Dr Tahir Kamal’s beauty lounge NOW!


“Reveal the younger you”

Do you want to look gorgeous & beautiful, no matter what your age is? Are you tired of seeing those wrinkles & lines developing on your face?
YES? Then, Dr Tahir Kamal’s aesthetic lounge is your perfect place to visit and get your botox done! To add that necessary lift and volume to your face, the dermal fillers await you!
-Are they safe? Yes, 100%.
-Do they hurt? No, they are painless and non-surgical procedures.
-Down-time? Not required usually
-Price? Affordable.
-Quality? Complying to International Standards.


Hydra Facial

“Enter the world of beauty”

Those pores need to be cleaned; Those cells need to breathe; That skin needs to SHINE BRIGHT.

The only solution is ‘Double Radiance Hydra Facial’.  At Dr Tahir Kamal’s beauty lounge,

the beauty experts look forward to resurfacing your skin with state-of-the-art aesthetic machinery to provide you safe and long-lasting facial procedures.

When we say ‘double radiance’, we make sure you get that brightness that seems to be magical and sparkling.