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Intragastric Ballooning – Kick start your weight loss!

If you’re thinking about getting a surgery done to remove all the extra flesh, it’s time to reconsider your options to safer and non-invasive procedures which are pain free and gives a safer solution. Research and studies have shown that the intragastric ballooning method helped obese people lose twice as much of the extra weight who depended on diet alone. Therefore the intragastric ballooning method aids quicker weight loss coupled will exercise and diet plans.


What is intragastric ballooning?

The intragastric ballooning is a non-surgical method to induce weight loss. The balloon is inserted in the patient’s tummy and therefore creates a feeling of fullness therefore helping them to eat less and have a control on their diet.

How is the procedure accomplished?

The silicon balloon which is to be placed in the stomach is deflated so that it can be inserted via the mouth to the stomach. Once inserted the balloon is filled with saline or air through a catheter. The balloon fills the stomachs space and therefore reduces your food cravings and decreasing hunger pangs. The balloon insertion reduces meal portions therefore giving you the opportunity to reduce weight.

For how long does the balloon stay in the stomach?

Doctors recommend that the balloon stays in your stomach for about a period of six months.


What does the statistics reveal?

Dr. Jaime Ponce medical director of the bariatric surgery program at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton, Ga says, “People with the balloons inserted inside their stomachs lost 28.5 percent of their extra weight within six months, compared to 11.3 percent weight loss for those who tried the lifestyle changes.”

Why go for the intragastric ballooning?

It is an effective and non-surgical therapy to induce faster weight loss. It gives you the effective jump start to counter obesity issues in an effective and less painful way. It is designed for people who are aiming to reach a particular target at a given time frame without exposing themselves to the risk of surgical operations and other invasive procedures. Having the gastric balloon procedure will lower your body mass index (BMI) to normal conditions and hence reduce risks associated from obesity such as gall bladder, heart and respiratory problems. Also it has many psychological benefits, you’d feel confident with your new look!

Why us?

It’s time to spur your weight loss without any pain. Call the Skin Life Clinic and book for an appointment so you can have a detailed talk with our qualified doctors to give you an in depth analysis about the procedure according to your body type and medical history. Before considering any medical procedures our team does a thorough research on your form and medicinal background to ensure safety and your complete well-being. We believe in giving an all-inclusive pre-operative care for satisfaction on both ends.

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